COVID-19 UPDATE:  Hi Parents, we regret to say that due to the pandemic, we unfortunately have in-person programs on hold for the time being.  We hope to see everyone back in the fall!   In the meantime, we are working around the clock to create virtual content that will include free lessons and activities via our SmartycatTV channel, as well as an interactive platform that will allow our Smartycats to participate in live virtual classes and other fun activities.  Check back soon for updates!  We plan to launch by July 1 so our Smartycats can have awesome summer activities to participate in.


Smartycat Kids after-school programs are being offered at Hilldale Elementary school!  After-school programs are available throughout the school year during fall, winter, and spring sessions.  Contact the school for more information, including complete after-school program options and details, as well as information on registration.

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