Activity Options:

Dry Ice Demonstration:  
*Our most popular party activity
by far! An interactive demonstration where we
make liquids bubble, fog, and erupt.  Great "wow" factor
and the perfect way to start off any party!

Fossil dig:  Includes real fossils for each child to take home

Colored or glow-in-the-dark slime:  Each child gets to bring home their slime.

Erupting volcanoes: Making and erupting small model volcanoes using clay, an eruption
powder, and activation liquid.  Each child gets to bring their volcano home along with
directions on how to continue creating eruptions at home!

Tornadoes in a Bottle:  Learn how a special plastic connector can allow 2 ordinary plastic
bottles to create a spinning liquid vortex!  Each guest gets to bring their tornado in a bottle

Super-bouncy balls: Learn how to make your own super bouncy ball using a plastic mold,
polymer crystals, and a special "connector" powder.  1 ball per child to take home.  (These
balls are about the size of a quarter, similar to the kind you get in quarter machines at the

Stomp Rockets:  Students learn how to build and launch home-made stomp rockets.  Each
child gets one rocket and one launcher to bring home.

Color changing UV key-chains or bracelets:  Guests will use our special UV color-changing
beads to create bracelets or key-chains to bring home.  These beads are white when inside
away from UV light (sunlight), and turn brightly colored when brought outside.

Color-changing liquids experiment:  Learn how to make an acid/base indicator using red
cabbage concentrate that will make liquids change different colors (red, orange, pink,
purple, blue, and green) based on their pH.  Each guest gets to bring a large plastic test tube
home containing the red cabbage pH indicator and directions on how to continue
experimenting at home!  (Completely safe and non-toxic)

Extracting strawberry DNA experiment:  Guests will feel like true Junior Scientists with this
experiment!  Learn how to take a frozen strawberry and extract the DNA from its cells!  The
DNA can be clearly seen inside the test tube that guests get to bring home!

Erupting soda geysers (Must be done outside): Using the classic Mentos and diet Coke
experiment to erupt soda geysers up to 20 ft in the air!  

Home-made quick-freezing ice cream: Learn how to turn milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla into
frozen ice cream in just 15 minutes using chemistry and our quick-freezing exothermic
reaction!  Guests will get to enjoy their home-made treat right at the party!

Designing t-shirts using ink chromatography:  We provide 1 white t-shirt per guest which
they get to design using a special method of ink chromatography.  (Pictures available upon

Worm farms:  Each child learns how to make a home-made worm farm using a 1L bottle, dirt,
sand, "worm salad", and 2-3 live earthworms.  We discuss why we need earthworms for life
on Earth to survive, and how we can see worm tunnels and worm composting occurring in
our bottles.  Each child will get 1 worm farm to take home, and the worms can be released
into a flower bed or garden and used to naturally enrich the soil!
Science Party Packages:
©2012 Smartycat Kids
Our Junior Scientists birthday parties are the perfect form of entertainment
for your child's next birthday bash!  Customize your Junior Scientists party to
include exciting activities of your choice that will be sure to wow your party
crowd!  We'll take care of set-up and clean up for the science activities,
provide all supplies needed, as well as an energetic party instructor who is on
a mission to make your party a huge success!   Pricing is as follows:

   Package Options:
     45 Minute Party-         2 activities/demonstrations,       $195
     Full Hour Party-          3 activities/demonstrations,       $235

*Pricing includes supplies for up to 12 children.  Additional children are
welcome to participate for a $4 supply fee per child.  If an additional party
instructor is required for larger parties, there is a $50 additional instructor fee.